Children Art

These heart-rending drawings were created by children in the Kalma camp in South Darfur -- the very camp attacked by government forces this week. The drawings were done in 2004, the result of an impromptu gesture by Dr. Jerry Ehrlich, a New Jersey pediatrician who went to Darfur that year with Doctors Without Borders. While there, Dr. Jerry gave children paper and crayons and encouraged them to draw. Pictures quickly flooded back to him. Some showed flowers, sunshine and tranquil village life. Others, though, graphically portray the horrors these innocents survived.

About DAC


Darfur Alert is a Philadelphia-area coalition of American and Sudanese-born activists. Our leadership draws heavily from the Darfurian immigrant community to provide their insight and help guide our work. Thoroughly interfaith and interracial, our ranks include educators, businessmen, artists, students, peace activists, and other concerned citizens. Together, through public education and determined advocacy, we are raising awareness about the crisis, helping to support the oppressed, and working together to advance a just and lasting peace in Darfur.

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